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Note: this page is kinda old... from the early days of PSEmu Pro... you can find more compatible psx emus nowadays :)

Per Löfgren's playlist version 1.05

Some new games/demos tested by Per... a nicely done playlist containing comments for PSX games and demos running on PSEmu Pro (using my GPU, of course)... check it out...

Per's Playlist 1.05 (2 KByte Zip-File)


DeLeTe's playlist 20-99

And another playlist... done by DeLeT. He is using my GPU with a Banshee card... seems also to work...

DeLeTe's Playlist 20-99 (1 KByte Zip-File)

PSX Games and Demos and OpenGL...

I've decided to write this page informing you what games and demos I use for testing my OpenGL GPU for PSEmu Pro. Please note: if a demo is working it doesn't mean the real game will work too.

All tests were done on my PII400, 128 MB Ram, Elsa Erazor II TNT card (16 MB SGRam), nVidia Detonator drivers 2.08. Well, in Dec 1999 I've got a GeForce256 DDR, all FPS rates using that card will be marked with *GF*. Beside my OpenGL TNT GPU (newest version) I am using:
- My MIDAS SPU (yup), but mostly I prefer a good audio CD in my audio rack, using the NULL SPU driver :)
- Zink88 CD Image driver (for my games) or TSG MSCDEX driver (for demo CDs). I couldn't get the B-K CDR driver to work on my Adaptec 2940UW/Plextor PX-32TS :(
- Kazz GamePad plugin
- PSEmu Pro, of course, Beta 21


Breath of Fire III

Works really fine at high framerate. YUP! The screenshot is showing the final fight :)

Config: 800x600, 32 Bit colors, Extended color check, Heavy Caching + Tex prio, R8G8B8A8 quality, Textured windows, FPS limit 30 (it's the PAL version, but 30 FPS instead 25 FPS are okay), Offscreen drawing (not often used in the game, but hey), Alpha Multipass. And, of course, turn on the Texture Alignment fix, it is specially done for BOF III.


Spyro the Dragon

Uses changing color tables a lot, so config is a bit different to maximize speed. Runs most levels on my TNT at 25 FPS (PAL)... with my new GeForce and Dynamic caching I even get 35-60 FPS :) Wonderful colors (look at the skies). The screenshot is showing the last level, fighting Gnasty Gnorc, so I can state the game is fully playable.

Config: 800x600, 32 Bit colors, R5B5G5A1 quality, Textured windows (not needed), FPS limit 25, no Offscreen drawing, no Alpha Multipass, Advanced Blending improves the graphics with TNT cards, Heavy Caching + Tex prio or even better: Dynamic caching.


Wild Arms

Works very well, turn on 'Heavy caching' and 'Tex prio' to speed up the battle scenes! Mostly I am playing this without FPS limit, so I can walk a lotta faster through towns with 70 FPS :)

Config: 800x600, 32 Bit colors, SubTexture update (best), R8G8B8A8 quality, Textured windows, no FPS limit, Offscreen drawing (don't know if it is needed), Alpha Multipass, HEAVY CACHING/TEX PRIO (or Dynamic caching)!.


Blaze and Blade

That games is the cause for the 'Heavy caching' option, so be sure to turn it on. It works well with 25-30 FPS! If you have a GeForce card, you can also try 'palettized texture mode', it's working fine here :)

Config: 800x600, 32 Bit colors, SubTexture update (best), R8G8B8A8 quality, Textured windows, FPS limit 25 FPS (PAL), Offscreen drawing (don't know if it is needed), Alpha Multipass, HEAVY CACHING/TEX PRIO!.



All demos are using the same config:
800x600, 32 Bit colors, Extended color check, R4G4B4A4 quality, Textured windows, no FPS limit, Offscreen drawing, Alpha Multipass. That's normally the best setting for testing new games. If game speed is fast, change the quality to R8G8B8A8 and turn on the FPS limitation, if speed is too slow, turn off Offscreen Drawing and try Frame skipping, Heavy caching and Texture priority :(


FPS: 30-40
Really nice. Use version 1.18 or higher for the demo...

Racing Simulation 2

FPS: 25-30
Graphics are good, but the pad plugin has some problems

Superstar Soccer Pro 98

FPS: 25-30
No problems at all :)


FPS: 7
Some glitches in the menu (GPU problem) and it's very slow (PSE core problem)

Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis

FPS: 60
Plays fine with GPU version 1.24! Turn on Offscreen Drawing, it's needed!


FPS: 35-50
Fast + perfect. Sometimes the sky is flashing blue, but that seems to be a PSE core bug, all GPUs are showing this glitch.

Gran Tourismo

FPS: 20-30
With version 1.17 (or higher) of my plugin it should run nearly at full speed without skipping... at least the demo does...

Tekken 3

FPS: 40-50 FPS
High speed, fine looking... Version 1.18 kills the polygon bug... Thanx to Lewpy :)

Kula World

FPS: 70
Fast + perfect. That's all :)

Treasures of the Deep

FPS: 15-25
Slow. Yeah. But the graphics are fine... Turning on 'Dynamic caching' helps a lot.

Blitter Boy

FPS: 90
No problems...

Soul Reaver

FPS: 15-45
Speed varies from medium (in water) to fine (outside). Small lines occurr by blending the water textures, anything else looks real good. New with version 1.17: if Offscreen-Drawing is active the menu will be displayed :)

Ridge Racer Type 4

FPS: 30-40
Heavy usage of Texture Windows. Speed and graphics are fine (some very small glitches in the back mirror), but some PAD problems are making this one unplayable.

Deathtrap Dungeon

FPS: 25-30
Speed is ok, with version 1.17 the loading screen is crewed up... well, because of PSE core bugs sometimes textures are flasing over the whole screen. Hitting <Insert> helps with black areas...

Colony Wars: Vengeance

FPS: 14-20
Speed changes from medium to slow, depending on the level. Graphics are fine.

Crash B. III

FPS: 20-25
Speed's OK, notice that nice Crash shadow if you are using Offscreen drawing. Some distant black triangles could appear, but I have noticed that effect with other GPUs, too.

Wrecking Crew

FPS: 35-40
Speed + graphics are fine.

Victory Boxing

FPS: 35-40
Graphics + speed are good, Per told me, that in the real game there are wrong characters in the stat windows, that bug should be fixed with version 1.18. Demo is unplayable, because it can't detecting the PSX pad.

Wild 9

FPS: 35-45
Fast + beautiful. No problems.

Super Bub

FPS: 60
Fast Net Yarozee game. The wrong textures appearing in the first selection screen is fixed with version 1.18 (Offscreen Drawing).


FPS: 25-40
Fast + good looking


FPS: 70
Fully playable, Speed is ok, graphic's fine, loading screens are fixed with version 1.19

Actua Ice Hockey 2

FPS: bah!
Absolutly unplayable. Well, the demo loads but that's not Ice Hockey, that's Basket Ball (jumping all the time).

KKND Krossfire

FPS: don't care
Unplayable, many graphic baddies. Seems to be a main core bug (Lewpy's Glide looks as wrong as my GPU)


FPS: 30-50
Full speed, all is looking nice. Obelix has missing arms, lucky romans :)


FPS: 20-30
Good speed + graphics, will show some stupid flashing 'no Controller' messages at the beginning.


FPS: 30-50
No problems with speed + grapics. 'Heavy caching' is speeding some things up...

Test Drive 5

FPS: mmm, forgotten ;)
You have to use my 'Advanced Blending' option to get the car reflections right, but it really doesn't matter because after driving some seconds the street will disappear ;) That's with all GPUs I have tested, so I don't think I can do something about.

Tomb Raider 3

FPS: 30-40
Don't forget to hit the 'INSERT' key in Version 1.17! In the real game some (outdoor) levels are very slow... that's caused by the PSE core, I fear...

Mah Jongg

FPS: 45
Well, it works... (yawn)

Wipeout 2097

FPS: 45
Sometimes some white screen flashing occurs. Don't know if it is caused by my GPU...


FPS: 5

Dead or Alive

FPS: 55-75
Never seen such fighting women... The game coders watched the wrong movies, I guess.

Colin McRae Rally

FPS: 7
Another slow motion game. But that one is mainly caused by the PSE core.

Tomb Raider 2

FPS: 20-40
It's ok, if you like Lara... some polygon borders don't fit together, though.

Grandstream Saga

FPS: 50
Another working RPG... nice...


FPS: 18
Mmm... Kinda retro... but not my piece of cake


FPS: 70
Hell, I like it...

Fußball Live

FPS: 25
Don't know the english game title. Well, it's a soccer game, so I don't care much

Millenium Soldier

FPS: 12
Nice gfx, but too slow

Spyro 2

FPS: 25
The demo works nice, but the full game hangs with PSEmu :(

Fifa 2000

FPS: 20
Well, another soccer game

Dark Omen

FPS: 25
Works well



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