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Introduction... and welcome :)

* Time goes by... many years ago, late 1998, I decided to release my first psx emulation related project on my small homepage. It never got boring since, I've met a lot of nice, interesting and talented people all around the world because of my hobby, and over 11 million visitors were counted during this timespan.

Now finally I've decided to move to my own domain... more place, more features (though basically I don't need or use those, I have to admit, I am still trying to keep the site design as simple as possible), and more independence (bye, bye, german telecom). And still no ad banners, no popups, no paypal (wow... funny marketing minds... combining "pay" and "pal", oh my) or whatever.

Most stuff you can find here is related to my hobby, PSX emulation... the basic idea is to take one of your original Playstation1 (PSX) game CDs, insert it into your PC's cdrom drive, start an application (the 'emulator') and play the game on your PC... easy, isn't it? :) Some emulators will allow you to have additional features (like better graphics, or save states, unlimited mem cards, netplay...), on the 'bad side' all of them will suffer from compatibility issues (some games will not run at all, or sound/graphic/input problems will happen).

There are two commercial psx emulators: VGS and Bleem! VGS is the most compatible emulator available, but you will only get the 'basic' features (no enhanced graphics, no iso support), and after Sony has bought VGS, I don't think there will be any updates anymore.
Bleem! offers a D3D display, but the compatibility is low, and the gameplay is no fun most times (speed problems, sound problems, gfx problems... you name them...). Bleem! hasn't seen updates for years, it's rumored the Bleem! team is working on a Dreamcast version of the psx emulator, but I wonder if you will need a Dreamcast emulator by the time they will release it (because at this time there will be no Dreamcast console anymore ;) * small update: bleemcast has been released, each bc disk is supporting one special psx game * small update #2: Bleem!, the company, is no more...

Luckily there are some freeware psx emulators as well... Psyke and PSEmu Pro were the first among them, both are discontinued, but the (nowadays enhanced) PSEmu Pro plugin system is still alive and kicking :) The plugins are emulating a special part of the psx hardware (the GPU for graphics, the SPU for sound, CDR for accessing the cdrom drive and PAD plugins for the keyboard/joypad input handling). Nowadays the best known PSX emulators are PSEmu Pro, ePSXe, PCSX, AdriPSX and FPSE (and there are even more freeware psx emus in development :), and most of them can use the PSEmu Pro plugin system. Also smf of the MAME/MESS fame is doing a great job with psx based emulation lately, so keep an eye at that emus if you are a fan of 'pure' (VGS alike) psx emulation.

OK, so you need a) the main emulator, b) some plugins which suit your PC hardware and c) a PSX BIOS file. The PSX BIOS is copyrighted by Sony, you need an original psx console, an action replay module and a link cable to get the BIOS from your console... or you do an internet search for getting the file, but still: you need an original psx console to use it legally (remark: never ask any emu author for the BIOS... forget it). Ah, and d) you will need at least one working psx game cd, of course.

And that's what my page is about :)

Btw, if you are interested in psx emulation, the best starting point for getting the emulators, plugins, latest news, FAQs, forums and so on is:

Give it a try... and have fun! :)

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