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Know your Origin
(October 31, 2011)

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* Here I want to write down some of my coding/gaming/gfx cards drivers/whatever experiences. All you can read here is just my point of view, I don't claim to have the one-and-only truth... there exist as many 'truths' as people crawling around in that funny world..

October 31, 2011 - Know your Origin

At the age of 12 I've got my first computer, a Commodore VIC-20. The only programs available (to me at, at least) were those I've typed in myself. Well, this little machine changed my life, I was hooked.

One year later the Commodore C64 followed. A new world full of programming secrets and possibilities. And games, which were swapped between us children on the school ground. One of those games was really amazing and mysterious: Lord British's "Ultima II". Lord British earned enough money by that game to found "Origin Systems", a company which literally "created worlds".

I've kept the C64 for years, the newer machines (like the Commodore Amiga, or Atari ST) didn't appeal to me.

One of my latest C64 games was Origin's "Ultima V". I remember riding 20 km on a bicycle to the game store of the next big city, to buy my US-imported version. I still have the "Ultima V" cloth map hanging in my computer room.

Around 2 years later I started to study computer science. And I did buy my first IBM compatible PC. And Origin's "Ultima VI". And yes, I also have the "Ultima VI" cloth map hanging in my computer room.

Many more PCs followed, and many more Origin games. And I've bought them all. All Ultimas (lotta cloth maps, ehehe). All Wing Commanders. Privateer. System Shock. Bioforge. Cybermage. Strike Commander. Crusader.

Many of those games were developed after Electronic Arts acquired Origin Systems in 1992.

Origin always did stand for 'high quality' to me.

Nowadays I wouldn't touch anything from Electronic Arts which is related to "Origin" with a ten-foot pole.

Know your Origin.

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